Getting Things Done, without the complexity.

Contextual keep you focused by showing you only tasks that you need to do—depending on where you are, and how much energy you have.

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Add it to the inbox.

Your headspace is finite resource: stop relying to it to remember your tasks. Instead, dump everything on The inbox to be processed later.

Process each task.
Assign the right project, context, and energy.

These three areas will keep you organized.

Step 1: Add tasks to a Project

You're going to remodel your kitchen. It's a project that have many smaller tasks. So, you'll add:

  • Call Greg to consult about kitchen remodel,
  • buy 20L bucket,
  • move car from the garage.

To kitchen remodel project.

Step 2: Add relevant Context

Context helps you to filter the right task, at the right time.

  • Call Greg to consult about kitchen remodel → @Phone
  • buy 20L bucket → @Errands
  • Move car from the garage → @Home

Step 3: Assign energy needed

Energy helps you to filter tasks based on your willpower at the time.

  • Call Greg to consult about kitchen remodel → full focus
  • buy 20L bucket → under 5 minutes
  • Move car from the garage → medium energy

Focus on Relevant Tasks.

Being overwhelmed from reading unrelevant tasks is not cool. Contextual will show you only the relevant one.

Accesible. Everywhere.

Never miss adding task to your inbox. Access your task everywhere. As long your phone support browser, then it's good to go.

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Contextual. A project by Philip Young